Maslinica is the only village of the island of Šolta that is situated in a cove on the western coast of the island. It is located at 43°39 ‘north latitude and 16°20’ east longitude. It has a really beautiful nature scenery, as the picturesque bay and pine forests on the southern side and in the immediate vicinity a deep, well-protected cove Šešul and archipelago of seven islands (Balkun, Rudula, Grmej, Stipanska, Saskinja, Plebrnjak and Kamičić). On the biggest among them, and that is Stipanska, was built in V-VI century an early Christian church and Benedictine monastery of which you can still see the remains. The natural meaning of the landscape of Maslinica completes the historical-architectonic and environmental value of baroque castle and picturesque vernacular houses. Maslinica was established in 1703 when an aristocratic family Marchi asked from a Venetian governor the approval for a new settlement and built a castle with defense towers for frequent pirate attacks. The castle has been converted into a luxury accommodation and a restaurant called “Conte Alberti”.